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Originally Posted by dpfb View Post
iv just lost a baby royal so want to make sure things are right for my boa.
its a female dwarf boa, is abbout 22 inchs long. iv set up a 18 litre rub for her as she didnt like a 2 ft viv, but, as im only using a uth, how do i set it up, iv been told 92 basking spot 88 ambiant warm and 78-80 on the cool side.
my question is how do i set a basking spot with a uth? i dont want to set the temp at 92 with the sensor in the warm hide, or do i? as the uth doesnt heat up the air how do i get an ambiant air temperature in a plastic rub with out using bulbs etc.
so with the temp probs unde each hide, do i set 1 thermometer at 92 warm hide, 78 cool hide. or should i take the air readings, meaning the floor temp will be much more.
i know its a noob question but i just need confirmation.
if i make sense.
Under tank heating, or heatmats as they tend to get more commonly referred to on here is a compromise. You are right - they don't heat the air and they don't heat the cool end! They are however, pretty much the only option you can use with a rub, so the important thing is to set them up in the best way possible.

If you have a heat mat covering half(ish) of the rub, then you don't get an option of 'basking spot', 'ambient' and 'cool end' temps. You just get 'warm end' and 'cool end'. That's all you have to work with, so you need to ensure that the range of temps between these two areas still provides as close to your boa's requirements as possible. If you set the warm end to 90-92'f (there will likely be some fluctution with an on/off thermostat) and ensure that the cool end doesn't drop below, say, 75'f then you should be fine. Just make sure there are hides at each end and at the mid-point so your snake can thermo-regulate securely.

The perfect way to house your snake would be in a wooden viv with ceramic heating (my opinion only of course!). Ceramic would give you ambient air heating, and heating (but to a lesser amount) in the cool end as well. You are much more likely to achieve correct temperatures going down the ceramic route. Your snake would happily move in to a wooden viv at 22 inches. I don't know which type of dwarf you have, but if she maxes out at 4-6 foot then you could even consider buying the viv size that she will ultimately live in and putting her in there now. As long as there are enough hides then she should be happy enough.
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