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There are many possible "beginner" snakes out there. Corn snakes are the most frequent suggestion as they are a hardy species than can tollerate small mistakes in their husbandry, grow to a manageable size and tend to have good appetites when it comes to feeding. There are a number of other species out there that may take your fancy though, and if you are willing to take the time to research properly, and the time and money to ensure the setup you provide for them is spot-on then there's no reason why you should just limit yourself to corn snakes.

Here's some suggestions:

All of the above snakes are what I've seen suggested in the past as beginner snakes, and that is just a small idea of what is available. It's very important to research and find out what special requirements each species has. There's nothing wrong with corns at all, but there is a whole world of other snakes out there too that often get forgotten.
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