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To tell you the truth hun, mine would hate to live in the wild. He has all the creature comforts in his viv, lots of branches and fake foliage, as well as being hand fed, waited on hand and foot, lots of cuddles a lovely blow dry in the morn even though he not wet he has a thing for me blow drying my hair so has to come over for one himself. LOL. A hammock to lounge on for his lazy moments. And all the love a can give. Is this cruelty? Dont think he would agree he wont eat anything unless its given to him by hand the lazy but beardies are lovely reps.

Hope you get one hun if thats what you want they are wonderful and I couldnt be without mine I spend lots of time with him.

Feeding requirements, well as said they do eat live but baring in mind that the live foods they eat aint exactly on the endangered species list, locusts are pests and can eat a farmers crop in minutes. They like the rat of the insect world.

How many times has someone stood on a spider of squatted a fly and not give it a second thought? If you lived in a country where locusts gather in thier swarms am sure we would all be squashing em.

Oh and if you do get a baby hun try get a more established one not one that is only a few weeks old. Reason for this alot of babies are sadly lost so try get one a little more established so you know they healthy eating well. Ect.

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