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In my opinion unless the animal has been born like it or still has infections etc. then I dont see any difference whatsoever. I personally have a leo who has a regenerated tail and missing toes because of bad sheds before we got him. He's the happiest leo i've ever seen and we've had about 5 I think in our time.

We also have a couple of beardies who both have tail/foot nips due to being kept too long together when babies and not being fed enough. We got them at an incredibly cheap price and as for the leo, he was given to us.

A lot of people just prefer to keep 'perfect' looking animals, its just one of those things. People sell them at a reduced price because they know they will be harder to find a home for. It's exactly the same with any other animal. In my personal opinion, if an animal has got its wounds from life as opposed to being born with them, and they cause the animal no problem at all and are all fully healed, then I believe the worth of them should be no less that any other.

EDIT: forgot to say, the only reason an animal that is born with something wrong with it would be sold for less is because it would not be right perhaps to breed from it. This may devalue it unfortunately.

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