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Question Installing a Habistat Dimming Thermostat for a Beardie Viv

Hey guys, newbie Beardie owners here.

Today we have brought a secondhand Habistat Dimming Thermostat off eBay for 26: not bad at all! Unfortunately, nowhere on the Internet can we find installation instructions, and we're a little bit confused as to how it connects to the lightbulb/spotlight. (We could wait to see if the eBayer we've brought it off sends some instructions, but we like to be prepared!)

We've got a 3ft vivarium, also from eBay, and it's come with an Exo-Terra Repti-Glow 10.0 UV light attached to the back, and a normal everyday lightbulb fitting attached to the ceiling. Neither of us can figure out how the dimming thermostat would actually attach to the lightbulb in order to, well, dim it. Call us stupid, but... help, anyone?

Also... for the basking spot: lightbulb or spotlight? Does it really matter as long as the wattage is ok?

Thanks for any help!
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