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Originally Posted by dpfb View Post
Thats the sort of reply i like, spot on mate. Problon i got is my baby is just recovering from a regurge so untill shes regular i need to keep her in her rub. Iv got a 2x1.5x1 viv set up but i dont want to scare her into not there is red bulb, mat and dimmer stat. Just need to decrease the ventilation abit to get the humidity up. But could i get a 4ft and put her in? How would i do it, leave 7days after feed so its digested, then miss the feed to swap her then 7days to settle? Or could i feed and move her on the same day? Thanks for that. Neil
Hi again.

Do you have any ideas about what caused the regurge? Common causes are not leaving enough time between feeds (at least 5 days is the minimum I would say), not having enough heat in the warm end of the viv or trying to feed a food item that is too big. I don't know if any of these will have affected your snake's regurge though.

It sounds like the other setup you have waiting is fine. You should hopefully be able to get the correct temps by just using the heat bulb on it's own too.. normally just a single heat bulb (infrared or ceramic) is sufficient. Also, I wouldn't be concerned at all about raising humidity (presuming your dwarf is somethign like a Hog Island or a Crawl Cay, and not a Rainbow something-or-other). The care of dwarf boas is pretty much the same as commons, and humidity should only need raising around shedding time - and this can be achieved by spraying the tank twice a day.

I don't see any problems with putting a 2 foot snake in a 4 foot viv at all. It's not overly-big and a few hides dotted about will make her feel secure. Personally I wouldn't worry about moving a snake while they are recovering from a regurge - as long as you are sure the temps in your new viv are spot on and stable for a couple of days before the move. The important factor is enabling your snake to recover from the regurge is how long you leave it before feeding her again. She will need to replace a large amount if digestive fluids she lost, and also re-establish her gut culture. I would leave it 2 weeks before offering food again. In the mean time I'd add avipro or reptoboost to her drinking water. When you do offer the next feed, offer a mouse a couple of sizes smaller than you normally would.
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