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Default Beardie Advice Needed

Hi there im New to bearded Dragons and hope someone may help

We picked up an approximatly 6 month bearded dragon from the pet store Sunday and placed her in the new enviroment

she seemed to settle quickly last night and ate some crickets just fine then slept ok through the night

Monday though she had not eaten any veggies (some rocket some butternut squash a small amount of pear some cress and some cuttlefish grated on it sprayed with water) at all and as far as i can tell has not drunk any water (i gave her a spray with some water just in case) she has also not had a poo as far as i can tell in over 24 hours

is this all just her settling into a new enviroment i go to see her several times an hour and talk to her a lot and sometimes she will sit and let me stroke her but she seems tense and will bolt away very easily

am i hoping for too much too quick is this all just a setteling down to a new home thing .. i worry a lot that she has not eaten and was puzzled that she was so docile and is now so skittish


at the moment (about 36 hours since coming home) she has had a poo and will just lay about the habitat basking she still shows no interest in food and as far as i can tell has only eaten i cricket since yesterday morning she is showing zero interest in greens

she is not very active at all but did fall asleep quickly last night again (she is so adorable when she is sleeping) does she prefer a small cave/hide to sleep in ? as at the moment she just curls up at the far end of the Habitat away from the heatlamp but out in the open

i give her small spray with water once a day just to make sure she is getting moisture as she is not eating but i do worry that she is not eating i know that i will expirience a huge wave of relief when she does finally start to eat

i still talk gently to her several times a day and stroke her very carefully she now closes her eyes when i do this (i read that this was a sign that she could be picked up)

also the stick that she has in her habitat has a lot of nooks in it i was convinced that i had removed all the crickets from there but still find one every now and then would i be better served with a smoother stick with less hiding places .... i understand that the crickets will bite her as she sleeps

By the way no one told me how goddamn beautiful these creatures were i have fallen in love with her so quicky and sorry that i have so many questions i am just terrified of doing this wrong and hurting her ..
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