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show him who's boss!

humiliate him in front of his friends!

no, seriously... all i an say is to handle him thoughtfully and just get him used to you... it's not like he can rip you arm off or anything but he has to loose some of his fire eventually i would imgine. i would wear him out to a point... try to convince him you aren't a threat... that's all he's doing is reacting to a perceived threat... also the critical time in my experience, is when you first go into his cage... a giant hand is coming at him in his eyes... hand feed him and put your hand in to fiddle around his cage and don't pick him up... minimize him equating your hand with grabbing him all the time... he has to get a little accustom to your hand if it's in there a whole lot... a little at least.

... he's also young... you have plenty of time and young lizards can often stubbornly hold onto that fleeing impulse they are all born with... baby lizards of all kinds can be much more skittish than older examples... and also a fiesty animal o be is showing a healthy survival response... that should subside as it matures...

... i'd have no problem with it's behavior... that's the hobby.... working with lizards... it can be work... this is where experience comes from... you have to outwit the little guy... you're bigger, smarter and i bet you can outlast him!

... he's just a hard-headed little snot that's all... have fun with it and you will be rewarded with a calm, adult dragon in all his glory... it'll pay off.
... me?... i have taken things like this personally an i'd be darned if a lizard or whatever was going to get the best of me.
anyway... others will have some tips i'm sure.

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