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Originally Posted by Ssthisto View Post
Efunia, what do you do when he charges at your hand?

Do you pull your hand away, or do you let him bite you?

I have to admit, my inclination would be (while he's still as small as he is) to let him bite and learn that biting doesn't make the giant monkey go away.

Of course I'd also probably let him grab onto me and pick him up while he was doing it, so that he learns that biting just gets him bodily held until he lets go, and that letting go of me means he gets to sit in an OPEN hand unrestrained, or that he gets to go back in his cage.
I agree with this, i have a young boa that likes to bite me at the moment, and i am just having to let her and keeping hold so she knows it makes no difference. it dosnt hurt as shes so small just shocks you a bit.
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