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Default does anyone know of....

had done several search's and had no luck so was wondering if anyone knows of a vets that would deal with exotics in suffolk area? was thinking for just incase I need one but I can't find one, if not when it gets nearer the time I'l ask my local rep shops or my local vets.
plus any reptile rescues in same area as planing to get leopard gecko soon was thinking of seeing if there any needed homes but also understand that as a newbie people would rather want experienced owners to rehome.
also I thinking about getting a snake, not yet though got to do some research get a few books etc (probably next year)but i share my room with indoor rabbit and was wondering if that would be a problem with snake being there as they are predator and prey ( kind of) will the rabbit notice him and be scared or am I over thinking things? probably sounds stupid but the thought did suddenly hit me, don't worry I'm not asking because I want to get them out together, they would never be out at the same time
thanks all
kind regards
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