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Hmmm some good points and tips have been raised here!

Firstly where is your set up kept? (on floor or on a stand)
Some males do tend to become aggressive as they sexualy mature but remember Beardies are teritorial so his viv is HIS HOME any intruders will be bitten, so try letting him out into unfamiliar teritory before picking him up. My male was very aggressive from the start but i stuck with it and he eventually calmed down, i did however get mine a female which he loves a lot (so much so that he pesters her for "it" all the time) If you do decide to get a female you must bare in mind that at some point you may and probably will have to separate them, which meens 2 vivs, have you the space? Mine get on great, still do but they had to be separated due to her falling gravid and needing a rest from her sex pest fella etc.
Another thing you can try is to pick him up as he is falling asleep, tired and less alert, then gently hold him till he calms and stroke him and his head so he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep on your chest or leg, leave him asleep for 15 -20 mins and very gently put him back. Over time he should see your not a threat or food and become your cutest friend
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