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Default Smelly vivarium - what can I use?

Hi, got a question here for you all.

We brought a vivarium off eBay for a bearded dragon that completely reeks, the guy we brought it off hadn't cleaned it out before we purchased it from him. He'd used sand for a substrate that was still quite dirty. We're getting a baby beardie in a few weeks and I want a nice clean vivarium to put him in. I've used something called Reptix Smell, brought from a pet shop, that cleaned the viv but covered up the smell for all of a day, so I'm not sure how effective a cleaner it is.

It might be that the viv will stink whatever I do, but can anyone suggest a reliable well-known reptile vivarium cleaner that I can buy?

Also, an effective method of keeping a beardie vivarium relatively pong free? So far the best suggestion has been a basil plant in the vivarium. Any other ideas?

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