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Default Advice needed please

Hi there

my name is Dave and I have just gotten a 3 year old male horsfield tortoise, he initially came in a glass fronted box but I decided this was no good for him! So yesterday I built him a open box 2.5ft x 4 foot I am going to be using good quality top soil and sand mix (70 - 30 mix) some rocks for climbing, I hope this will be fine initially? I have put a little enclosure in as a hide, he also came with a hollowed out log.

There is also a wall mounted heat mat, a repti-glo 10.0 tube light and a green 60w spot bulb, I am going to be Rejigging this to fit the new enclosure, I have read that heat mats aren't that good for tortoises? I understand he needs uv lighting (is that what the tube light is?)

I am going to position the tube light fairly central and the 60w bulb at the farthest end is this going to be okay for him? I hav done some reading but just to make sure, he came with dry food which went in the bin I picked some dandelions and am going down the garden centre later armed with my List of safe edible plants, how deep should his water bowl be?
And apologies if it seems rambling! I just typed it as i thought of it



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