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Originally Posted by HadesDragons View Post

Do you have any photos of her and her cage? They should show if anything is obviously wrong, so we can give you advice on any changes to make.
This is her Habitat as it stands at the moment she appears to spend 99% of the time where she is in this photo

the temp in the tank was set at 86 by the petstore but after speaking to out local reptile vet i have started pushing that up to about 90

she very rarley seems to spend time basking on the stone though

this morning for the first time in over 60 hours she ate some crickets , im not sure if i did the right thing but i did not let her go mental and just gave her 8 crickets and stopped as i hoped she may have taken some of the veggies

tonight i will feed her until she stops eating

someone said that i should be physically dropping the tank temp at night to about 76 but im not sure i understood that right i figured the tank was big enough that at one end it would be warm eenoug for her and at the other cool enough to sleep

she seems to have no issues settling at night i tend to leave the UV on from 8 am to 8 pm

anyway heres a photo and thanks for the advice so far .... sorry the photo is so bad its a naff camera

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