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You'd need to keep the female completely separate for three months to make sure she isn't carrying any parasites or diseases before you could put him in with her, you know... and in that three months, if you persist with teaching him that biting doesn't WORK to make you go away, you'd probably have a tame, handleable beardie WITHOUT introducing him to a female to get even stroppier about.

Has he actually BITTEN you or does he just charge at you mouth open? If he just charges, he might not even bite you at all - it could be bluff, and every time you pull away you're teaching him that charging at you showing off his teeth makes you go away.

If you really want someone to "lodge" him for a little while and get him into the idea that biting doesn't mean he gets his way, I could probably spare space for his vivarium and use a plug socket or two for a few weeks as long as his feed bill is covered. I'm not at all interested in *owning* a beardie, but having been charged by monitors and tegus, a beardie bite really doesn't worry me much.
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