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Originally Posted by Pagananaka View Post
Good list exactly wots on mine
Only my viv is gonna b 6x2x2 and wondering whether to use one 48in uvb (arcadia) or 2 of the other sizes (eg 30in and 24in) or 2 compact.. don't wanna get that bit wrong....

Going to get the wood for mine on Saturday, got some other bits off ebay, glass runners etc....

Getting there bit by bit...Good tip about the calcium and nutribal will use it when I get my beardies...sooner rather than later I hope....

Good luck with yours Squonk...
Don't use compacts, they are known for causing eye issues.

One big tube would be far cheaper considering they only last for about 6 months. Also most people use a 36" tube in a 48" viv, so a 48" tube should do the job.

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