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Default escape proof hatchling housing

Having read a lot of heart rending posts lately about people’s hatchling snakes escaping, I thought it was a good idea to share with you a method of keeping small hatchlings which I think represents a 100% escape proof method.
Step 1. Buy some food container boxes with lockable lids: I have 2.3l “Lock Lock” boxes, £5 from Waitrose and some smaller “Sistema” ones.
Step 2. Using a hole drilling attachment, drill some holes in the required places. I have put one in the lid and one at either end for good ventilation. The drilling process will create burrs which I removed with a blunt kitchen knife.

Step3. Cut some aluminium mesh with scissors to size bigger than the holes. (mesh available from Halfords for mending bodywork on cars) [IMG][/IMG]
Step 4. Run a flat edged soldering iron around the edge slowly: this will melt the plastic into the mesh and bond the two together.
The finished boxes:

A series of boxes can be heated with one heat mat, with usually a third of the box over the mat. The best way of arranging the thermostat probe is to have a ‘dummy’ box exactly the same as the others containing animals and make a hole with a soldering iron in this one for the probe: that way, there are no gaps for your animals to escape from. So if you only have one hatchling, get a spare box and heat the two. And yes, I know it is more visually appealing to keep snakes in a naturalistic viv rather than a box, but they will be just as happy, and you won’t have any escapes while they are tiny.
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