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Originally Posted by Mike Reptile View Post

Originally Posted by Mike Reptile
Right, ive had the Viv with most of the features set up for over a week and im slightly confused by the temps.

Ive raised the basking lamp as far as poss and with a 60W spotlight its still 115f directly under it. this setup is running about 77-80f in the cool end.

Although i have a dimmer stat these measurements are without it.

Are these temps ok ?? if i was to use the dimmer (habistat 92f max) what spot should i use and were would you put probe ??

Thanks again.

Temps are fine, I don't use a dimmer stat personally, all my beardies are at 115f under the basking spot and about 80 at the cool end, and they always move to just where its comfortable for them. But thats just my experience but then contrary to what other people say i also have a heat mat in there for night-time temps on a stat, my beardies go to sleep on it lol, and thats because even in the summer my house gets cold at night (we're talking less than 45f!) stupid new build crappy council building grrr oops rant lol...

good luck with it all!
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