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Ok, having read this I'm mildly concerned. I was wondering where to put this question before, but now I think I've got to put it here!

I only got my beardie last weekend, he's about 17 weeks old (but very small for his age apparently - he's my first rep) and very good about eating both greens and livefood, but I'm worried he's not eating enough.

Livefood-wise I've only given him locusts so far. And he's only up to 6 a day! Even then he has to be coaxed to eat the last one.

Obviously I'm terrified of underfeeding him, but I don't want to explode him just in interests of him eating the "right" amount.

He's very alert, skittery and cheeky so he seems healthy enough. Do you think this is just a settling-in thing? Is it ok, or should I be worried?
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