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Angry Not doing any research.

I decided it was about time i had a really good rant about people buying reps and inverts on the spur of the moment.

Lately ive seen and heard of more and more dead lizards and dead snakes and tarantulas because people spend about 20minutes looking at a couple of caresheets on the web!

These animals are NOT dogs you can't just stick them in a tank with some substrate or sand and a waterbowl then come on RFUK asking for help because your lizard is sick heres an answer to your question BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING! i am not taking the piss out of new keepers in any way at all but im tired of telling people to research before they buy its totally irrasponsible of them and the pet shops and breeders selling them, i brought couple reps from a pet shop and the guy asked me absolutly nothing about my knowlage of the reps i was buying didnt ask to see id didn't take my contact details just handed them over luckly ive got exotic pets coming out of my ears and know what im doing but who's to say the next person that went in there wasn't a complete novice who thought it would be fun to get a reptile without ever even holding one! These creatures can be difficult to care for some of them get MASSIVE (and eat your kids hehe) and some of them are just insanely aggressive!!!

i also don't think reps are good pets for kids as so many people seem to think dont have your 8year old child looking after a tokay gecko or a green iguana are you insane get the sprog a goldfish instead!!

anyway enough of my moaning im not really grumpy just gets me angry to think how many animals are getting neglected and mistreated though ignorance and stupidity.

I and most experianced keepers are allways happy to help new owners and eachother with anything and everything we can as long as people just read the books, ask owners, JOIN HERP AND EXOTIC PET CLUBS, surf the web and tear this forum appart getting as much info as they can, if you no as much as you can before you get your pet its most likely to be a very happy healthy animal its the best hobby to have in the world! (a bit expensive though lol)

Sorry to rant on so much my intention is not to scare people away from this forum because it is amazing i just want people to think about what they are doing =)


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