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It's a shame that theres not more people out there like you it is a long time to do research hehe, most people see a rep or an invert somewere and think ooh i like it i want one and can't wait they are impatient and selfish but i will say most of us make a couple mistakes when starting out in the hobby and people shouldn't be afraid to say so and ask for help good luck with your beardies!! =D

Originally Posted by pymn nice but dim View Post
i think its fair to say i mean ive had my beardies now for 2 weeks but have been looking into this since last november ive been browsing this forum since then and have read bearded dragons in captivity (allen repashy, one of the typical breeder series but a great read)

cover to cover a hundred times over as well as visiting many different shops and specialist breeders.

i know reading can only give you so much hence me asking questions on here and you do needs advice from experianced keepers, there are just some things you wouldnt know other wise.

hearing all the horror stories out there should be enough to get people to atleast think twice or really think do they have the time money and are willing to put the effort in its a sad waiste that could easily be avoided.

(i hope my say counts as i am a noob but to be fair an animals an animal and sadly some people just dont care as much as others.)

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