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I would just like to say that I have wanted to keep a snake for years, but only now am I taking the plunge. I am buying a male Royal Python (April hatched CBCB) on Wednesday next week.

I have read as much information on the net as I can (this forum is fantastic for advice and I have learnt a lot) and I have visited a few reptile shops and talked to them all.

I hope that I have enough information to look after my snake well and I will keep looking for more.

I have visited "my" snake and handled him three or four times already and I saw him feed in the shop two days ago. WOW - what a fast striker!

I am getting my tank all set up and ready for my new little fella before I pick him up.

I took my boyfriend with me on Wednesday this week (although he was quite comfortable with getting a snake) and as soon as he saw me handling my little chap he decided that he wanted one too (I didnt know that he had wanted one for years too). He decided on a Royal also, but decided that he wanted a slightly older female, so now we are having to start saving all over again!

I hope I'm not one of those people who don't know enough, but I know I will be visiting here often and hope that I will be welcome!

Cheers all and happy rep keeping to everyone.
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