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This is very true i've just seen far to many parents getting their kids reps not realising that you actually have to care for them and they get neglected im not saying all parents are like this as i said ive just seen it a lot they are expensive and need to be looked after properly, i met this guy couple weeks back who brought a C water dragon and a baby bearded dragon for his kid but the kid put them together for a laugh and the baby beardie got eaten =S low maintenence pets for kids they seem to get bored easy my younger brother didnt realise his goldfish had died for 8months LOL!

Originally Posted by scalez View Post
because cats and rabbits stink!
i really don't see a problem with an 8 year old having a reptile, as long as the parents are responsible for the reptile, by giving it the right care, diet and environment.
it's all good, i mean if i was 8 saying that i have a bearded dragon as a pet sounds much more exciting than 'i have a rabbit'


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