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Originally Posted by squonk View Post
i know this will have been done before so i apologise in advance but i wanted some reassurance that i've made note of everything i needto buy over the next week or so to get set up ready for my first beardie here's the list i've come up with, any other suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.

List as follows:

Vivarium 4 x 2 x 2 (not sure whether its better to partition the viv to start off with then open it out later or just leave it as is as see how it goes)
tile and grout for the base of the viv.
Arcadia d3+ 12% uv tube 36"
arcadia starter fitting
ceramic basking bulb fitting (gonna try b&q, other suggestions welcome)
spot bulb for basking (asda/b&q) was gonna pick up a few packets and experiment with different wattages.
Habistat dimming thermostat
limestone flour for calcium dusting weekdays (if this is ok to use for beardies)
nutrobal for weekends
infrared temp gun
either a lucky reptile thermometer with the ability to measure 2 sources at once or 2 digital thermometers.
Basking rocks/bark/decor. Was thinking either some rocks from b&q or making my own with polystyrene. (see how brave i feel lol)
food bowl
and of course crickets (im assuming micros for a young beardie, know the rule about between the eyes )
plenty greenery which i've made a list of from the nutrition guide on here.
And lastly something to store the crickets in as was looking to order in bulk of maybe 1000 while its young, not quite worked that one out yet lol

anyway that's it... I think i remembered everything. Will also be getting some reptile friendly spray for tank cleaning but other than that that's all i can think of. If anyone can see something i've missed please let me know

dont forget the beardie lol !
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