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Don't grout the tiles, just get them cut to fit tightly it's easier and makes cleaning easier if any waste did penetrate the grout I also hear it makes removing the tiles and absoloute pain should you upgrade the viv or want to sell.

you may also want to get:
bulb guard(so if bulb explodes or somehow comes loose it won't smash as easy oh and your beardy won't be able to get within direct contact with basking bulbs.

UV light reflector to ensure maximum use of UVB tube.


I would get some branches and I collected the rocks myself and cleaned them with disinfectant, rinsed with clean water, dried and then baked for a couple of hours.

For that many crickets buy one of those plastic storage containers(make sure it's higher than the crickets can jump) and I would get larger crickets than micro for sure maybe 3rd instar? I also use a large plastic storage container for bathing him in and one for feeding mine his cockroaches in(only because I don't want to let them infest my home lol.


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