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thanks so far guys all the research i did beforehand and still im like a fish out of water

anyway last night for the first time she really went for the crickets she must have eaten about 12 and im feeling a little happier

im trying for a veg in the morning and crickets at night approach the only thing is at the moment she is not showing any interest in the veg in the morning

do i try veg and if she wont eat substitute crickets or do i try and tough it out and keep the veg in there and only give her crickets at the end of the day

sort of have the veg as the only option through the day to see if she will go for it

its a mix of Collard/Spring greens , Butternut sqush . small amount of carrot , small amount of pear and a little tomato sprinkled with grated cuttlefish for calcium

i really want her to get started on those veggies as the petshop assured me that she loved them i would kind of be happy with a 50/50 mix of veggie and crickets

one other thing ... how many of you put a water bowl in there at the moment because she is not eating the greens i have been misting her once a day for moisture

anyway she really seems to be setteling now so im thinking wed i may try and get her out for the first time ..... been waiting to hold her and so has my son

thanks so far
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