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Originally Posted by bmth girl View Post
The probe for the dimmer MUST go in the cool end of the viv,
No, thats not correct at all.

The probe for the thermostat can go anywhere in the viv, or the world, where the temperature of that environment is controlled by the heat source the stat is controlling.

So, the probe can go on the warm end, middle, cool end, next to the heat mat, outside the viv on the heat mat, up the wall of the viv... anywhere where the temperature is controlled by the heat mat.

Then, you set the dial of the stat according to what a thermometer says, placed in the area you want to measure, typically the warm end. Change the dial on the stat according to the thermometer readings, not what the dial thinks it is keeping the temp at.

Yes, it is true that if you place the probe at the warm end, you may not be able to get warm enough temps inside the viv even with the stat on maximum setting. In which case, move it further down. My stats are often placed inside socks, then placed on the heatmat outside the viv, and this works fine. Just means you dont have a stat probe getting in the way every time you want to pull out a RUB.

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