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Hey guys,

just a thought - a few more things you may want to consider buying for your beardy (random bits that arn't essential but could be useful in the future).

Kricket keeper - your beardy is going to eat LOOOTS of crix and as you may have guessed buying in bulk can make things cheaper. I bought a cricket keeper to hold livefood and they're really good. They also have tubes - and because crix crawl into dark places..this makes it really easy to feed your beardy - pull out a tube...put in fridge to make them slow for a end and put in your calcium dust/nutrabol...shake...and feed.

Just make sure you have some masking tape on hand - although they;re really good for holding your bugs...houdini's do exist and do escape...theres a few gaps you'll want to shore up - particularly the holes above the 'flip screens' - you'll know what I mean if you look at one'.

Bug gel - its an easy way of feeding your crix water without them drowning in it....its nasty looking stuff, and you replace it daily elsewise mould can form on it from uneaten food. But reduces your loss of crickets to drowning no end.

Food/water bowl for crickets.

Kitchen Scales (preferably digital) - good for keeping an eye on Beardy wait. Best case - nice to see how they're gaining weight as they're gaining length. Worst case - good way of keeping an eye on beardy wait if you're concerned they're not eating/ill etc (I hope this doesn't happen to you but, at some point in your beardies life, it may be under the weather - scales are great for keeping an eye on term and ensuring the're nice and healthy!)

Hope it helps...
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