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Originally Posted by Pagananaka View Post
Awww poor cat, hope all goes well and are better soon as possible.

Yes it does, hubby said WTF and when we were moving into it ....i car
Did ask if he preferred it a tad smaller and even measured out a foot off each piece but he said he couldnt be 'bothered' so I carried on...

Keep getting wot bits ya can, before ya know it all you'll need is the viv and beardie...Got some 5ft branches waiting in the outhouse...need to get rid of the bark, wash n dry etc...
if he's anything like my other half he just sits back and lets me get on with it, we get our own way in the end Gonna buy all the smaller things i can afford now... then the more expensive stuff after my cats op then the viv, then gonna run it for a while and make sure the temps are all as they should, probably put up some pics in case anyone can suggest anything i can change for the better. As for the beardie I havent decided where to go yet, whether to look for a breeder or try a reptile shop.

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