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Default My new pets

Hi everyone,

I'm Sue and had been looking to get a ghecko for a while. Our local pet shop is closing and fatally! I visited them yesterday, they were selling off stock with viv's for half price. So.... I went a bit mad! Originally I had decided to get leopard gecko's as they seemed to be (after my research) probably the best for a new starter. However, in my moment of madness! I now own 5 gecko's! 2 gorgeous year old female leopard gecko's who are very tame, eating well and like being out the viv more than in. Shop said they had been someone's pet. They are called Luna and Lola (the kids named them).

Next there is Ted. He's a 2 month old designer leopard gecko. He's still a bit shy, comes out at night, but I havn't seen him eat all that much.

Next is the still un-named 8 month old, Fat tail skunk and the leopard Leucistic gecko's. Now this is where I'd appreciate some help from you guys. Pet shop I bought them from said these 2 could live together. However, another shop I use has said they need separate environments. Please dont shout at me for my spur of the moment purchases of latter 3, I'm not normally that impulsive.

I have 2 leopards together, Ted on his own and fat tail and leucistic together (at the minute). All have 2 ft vivs, with warm side and cool side. Heat pads, water, damp moss. I'm feeding them crickets, locusts, meal worms and plan to give them a wax worm weekly.

I'd appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.

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