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i am about to post an isect handling thread myself!! been having trouble with crickets!!! locusts are (buggers) anoying but i found they are much easer to deal with if you put them in the fridge for about 15mins.
i move all my bugs into a small travel tank. this is a good way to keep them.. quite hard to do if your isects are bonkers!! i have to do it in the gardon otherwise crickets turn up days later wondering around under the sofa!! i feed them sprouting leaves from the gardon. i also recently found a calcium diet for crickets. they look like 100's and 1000's! and they really like them (i call the cric bix but i dont think that is the proper name). i also dust them before feeding them to gordon gecko in my cric box.
unfortunatly u often see unhappy, badly rased reptiles in pet shops. please dont buy from a shop and dont set much store in their advise. ask on here.
hope this helps and best of luck xxx
xxx Queen Quack xxx
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