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For getting them out of the tank they are kept in and into the beardies viv I would recommend a lucky reptile Kricket Keeper (to keep the crickets in, with some fishfood and veg - we used potatos mainly), they have tubes that come with them which you put into the tub in special spaces and the crickets run up the tube, then pull that out and put the cap on the end and then put it in to the viv and remove cap and tip out one at a time!

For dusting we do the same thing but just put them into a tub they come in and then shake them around and tip out of there. Then just repeat as many times you need!

I find it so much easier, as I wasn't so keen on touching the crickets. But we have had our baby bearded dragon for 4 weeks or so and I am already becoming less worried by them!

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