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Originally Posted by CJ82 View Post
Hi all

I have had a pair of Bearded Dragons now for about a month to 6 weeks and when i got the pair i was told they are sure they are both female but can't be 100% sure due to their size

Both dragons were pretty much the same size when i got them but now i have one which is close to double or half size bigger than the other and the larger ones looks well filled out but the smaller one looks skinnier but you can't see any bones showing in the skin if you see what i mean.

Is this normal for a pair i am guessing one will be dominant and grow larger than the other?

Dragons can grow at considerable rates. Some dragons can remain small for various reasons and some can grow at a remarkable rate!

The only concern here could be that if you are housing them together one is getting more live food or infact being bullied/intimidated by the other. Male dragons can be extremely territorial.

In my opinion bearded dragons should not be housed together.

Best way to sex a beardy is to place him/her on a flat surface and lift the tail up almost towards the head, then follow advise as above!!

If you could get some clear pictures and post them I could have a go at sexing them for you.

Hope this helps.

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