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Hey,had to reply as,while i'm not scared per say,i CANNOT STAND crix! lol

What i do,i put the dusting powder in a lidded jar (like an old pasta sauce jar),then before i tip the crix in,i shake their tub a little bit to daze them,then open a corner just enough for them to get out,and into the jar.They usually wander straight out and fall into the jar.When u have enough in there,make sure you shut the crix tub properly,screw the lid on the jar and give it a swirl to coat them,then you can put the jar in the viv,take the lid off,and lay it down for them to walk out,and just take the empty jar out after.Although,they can be really thick,so its a good idea to have a flick stick handy for any that try to get out the bottom of the jar! lol

i've had my leo for 8 years,so you'd think i'd be used to them by now,but i actually squealed when one walked onto my hand the other day!

hope that made sense,

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