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Default Thinking of a new family member

Having been told when I joined up that I wouldn't be able to stick to 1 Rep. I now find myself wanting/yerning for a baby beardie.

I have 1,000,000,000 posts (slight exageration), and I still want 1. I have read about viv size, heating, lighting and feeding and all round care.

My questions is this, I work between 10am and 9pm 5 days a week and I live by myself except for Jester, if I was to feed beardie on a morning before I leave would it be ok to feed again when I get back as I think I've got it right they need fed twice a day, or is the time gap to long.

If because of work commitments means the time between feeds is to long then I'll have to kurb my wanting and stick just to Jester and the fish, but I would love 1.

Any and all advice is greatfully received.

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