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agreed with the above about poops ect seems pretty normal!!! but.......

is your beardie on wood chips??? if soo kinda big eeeek! lol as if he is you could have a huge problem with impaction!!!! especially in babies!!! if he accidently eats one of the wood chips when diving for a cricket/locust his little digestive system can become blocked and that means trip to the vets..... if he makes it that long! sorry to kinda be the bringer of bad news but... think its best you know now rather than find out later when there is a problem!

Best thing to have your baby on is paper towel it can be easily changed and mean his environment is clean plus you can easily see his poos to monitor them and spot clean where he does it! when he gets older he can move onto sand if you want, and a lot of people suggest child playsand that is sieved and washed! hope this helps!!!
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