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Default Iguana Help Please


Newbie here!
Last week my ten year old brother and I kinda rescued a 8 week old iggy. She was being kept in a fish tank with no UV or heat lamp. The day after we got her I bought a 4 foot high by 3 foot wide viv for her with heat lamp and UV. All her(possibly his!) temps are correct. She also has a large water bowl. We have also been giving her regular baths. We handle her for about 30 -45 mins a day at approx the same time. I mist her twice daily, which she appears to be drinking. I am offering all the correct foods which I grate to make it easier for her. The problem we have is that we are yet to see her poo!! The people that had her last were cutting her food in cubes that looked too big for her.
We put it down to being in a new environment but that was a week ago now. If she has not been by Monday I will take her to our herp vet.
Any advice in the mean time would be useful.
Thank you
Two Feet!!
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