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Originally Posted by jools View Post
How long have you had him - he could just be settling in yet. What are the temperatures in the viv (cool end, warm end and basking spot)? How close can he get to the UV and how old is the UV? What time of day are you feeding? Sorry to answer with more questions peeps really need this info if they are to try to help. Two medium hoppers is not enough for a 4 year old. Mealworms are not good as they can't digest them well. Try feeding a variety of greens to see which he likes - an hour after turning the lights on in the morning and again an hour or two before lights out.
thanks for the reply,basking 98/100,cool end about 80,90 inthe middle.if he sits on the log about 8in from uv wich is about 3mths old,i feed once in the morning and once at night,putting in fresh greens in the morning.i have only had him about a week,been giving him 2 hoppers each feed every day as i dont know exactly how much to give not wanting to give to much,or should it be every other day.been reading the posts on the forum for help but it can be very confusing with each post contradicting the one this is my first bd i would like to get it spot on and not have an unhappy bd.thanks again.
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