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Originally Posted by sue31 View Post
can someone please tell me the right temp for either end of my viv (bearded dragon) what should the cool end be and the basking area be. thks

A rough guide to temperatures are also dependant on the dragons age.

Basking spots need to be between 109-115*.

You need to measure ambient temperatures and cool end temperatures. Another good indication is how you are measuring temperatures and what kind of set up you have?

Wooden viv or glass?

How near the basking light can your dragon get?

How big is your UVB light?

How old are both these bulbs?

We have our dragon housed in a wooden viv (we were advised glass ones such as the exo terra ones are harder to maintain temperatures)

She had a Repti Sun 10.0 UVB the width of her viv.

Her basking spot is a 60W bulb which she can get within a good distance of. Her basking temperature is around 110* which she loves (some dragons like it hotter/cooler etc

Providing the temperatures drop no lower than 65* at night you will need no additional heat.


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