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Default habistat pulse prop etc etc - How to!!

Can someone please explain to me in simple everyday (technophobe friendly) terms how to use the bloody thing.

I have this in my beardie's 4ft viv with the probe in the centre (cool end low 80s hot end 100, basking 110ish) he's 18 months old and everything is ok .....except I have to turn it right down at night along with turning his light off (heater is ceramic). This is the unit with the red knob on the bottom with night drop facility - I even have the instructions and still don't understand. I am putting the light on a timer, and have a spare for the habistat - I bought the viv off ebey and the guy has even got a separate plug fixed on saying 'night drop' so I know it should be ok if only I could suss it out - any help would be appreciated - thanks sorry for the long thread!!
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