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Originally Posted by moomoo View Post
Many thanks ssthisto!

And surprise,surprise, I have a few more questions:

1. Which substrates are good for ackies? any plus or minus points?

2. Is heatmat necessary?In the lizard tank I bought there isn't any specific separation for it?

3.How often/how do I know when to change the Uv and heat lamps? They are included in teh tank I bought second hand, but how can I be sure they still work fully?

4.How often do I need to clean his home? I will of course do spot-cleaning every day, when necessary. Shall I only use the reptile cleanin thing that's sold at petshops, or are some normal cleaning fluids a good alternative?

Thanks again in advance.
hi there
I use 10"deep 70/30 B&Q top soil with play sand(good from argos). pick the poo daily but change every 2-3months. I do it more often as a new one give you better humidity-important thing with ackie shedding.(50-60).
never use heatmat as ackie burrow .best heat from ceramic bulb on stat.
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