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Originally Posted by oddsleepjunkie View Post
Having seen some lovely baby bearded dragons at my reptile store, and i have decided to buy two! What size viv is needed for two baby beardies, then two adults? Also,is it better to buy one, wait untill it grows a bit, then get another one? When can beardies be sexed, so i know i have two females and not two male or male/female beardies, as i dont know enough or want to breed them. Thanksfor any help!
I would get two separate vivs if your gonna get two can usually sex them from about 4 months onwards, sometimes a bit earlier...even if you turn out to get two females they can still sometimes fight and it's not recommended to keep them together because:

1 they could fight
2 How would you keep an eye on their poo...if something was wrong you wouldn't know whose it was, also how would you know whose eaten what?...unless you plan on hand feeding them.
3 similar to above if one had any kind of illness it could be passed on to the other
4 and they are really solitary lizards

so yeah i'd say it;s best to keep them separate but if you really want to keep them together to viv has to be at leats 5 ftx2ftx2ft but bigger preferably and it would be best to wait until they are 4 months plus so you could make sure they are females.

hope this helps and good luck! Beardies are amazing!
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