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Default I have housing which animal

Hi I have a spare aquarium unfotunately the edge of the corners have chipped and im to para to hold water in it. I am wondering if there are any exotic pets that this would house comfortably i'm not fussy about species as i like all animals.

The outside dimensions are 48"x20"x30" (30" high) it is constructed for 15mm glass with the base being 20mm glass it holds approx 125 US gallons or 485 litres.

So thats the housing now which i have 2 dogs whatever animal will need to stay in this housing all of there life and will rarely be handled but i dont want something that might get to aggresive for handling as health checks will need be done.....I also have a gerbil it is only very occasionaly handled it gets to smell my hand during tank maintenence, feeds etc so has stayed tame and when it needs handled i am able to do so with ease are ther any exotic animals with these traits.

The animal it doesnt matter if it is a solitary one or one that needs be housed with others of its kind as long as the housing is adequate numbers don't matter.

Any help apreciated


ps. i can part fill it does not leak so amphibians are also an option
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