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thanks for the input i'm gona go with frogs whiteys tree frogs maybe as i was fasinated by these on a holiday to greece when i was about 12. i loved the calls they made through the night . whats puttin me off a beardie is that i can picture it staring out the tank wanting out but i wont be able to do this because of the dogs so it would sadden me somewhat.

first thing im goin to do though is double the height of the enclosure to 60" this will leave me 19" to ceiling for lighting and air extraction. so it will now be approx...250 US gallons or 970 litres capacity. this is goin to be at least a year long project before i can add frogs but a few questions..

1/ will this be enough height for them and approx how many could i house in this space ????

2/ what types of plants should i be looking for????

3/ is there any lighting for frogs that fit an e40 fitting?????

4/ what is the captive breeding success of these????

hoping to have a waterfall and a sprinkler inside . thanks for help .

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