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Default First time with Terras

Hi, im new to the forum and thought i would introduce myself and also get a bit of knowledge from everyone.
Im Terri ( no surname isnt pin before anyone asks) and i have two baby Terras which my fiance brought me two weeks ago. Im not really sure how old they are or what sex they are as im not sure how to tell and the guy in the pet shop was useless.

So as im a bit unsure on the best ways of looking after them so they live to their full potential then advice would be greatly received.

My tank is all correctly set up i do know that much as i have read a few articles on the net, im just not sure where to go from here now.

The main questions are correct feeding, sex, diet and why does one Terra seem to sink on one side of his shell???

Well a lot for an introduction really
But please help!
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