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Originally Posted by MikeJ View Post
Right...where to begin (and I hope I dont bore people by the end). My youngest daughter has always wanted a pet but is alergic to pet hair so for a long time she he wanted a Beardie and she has been saving like crazy. I must confess she knows a hell of a lot more than me and she is only 11!! Anyway with her birthday coming up Ive managed to acquire a viv from an ex-beardie keeper.

The kit we got was a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft tank. Inside is fitted a full length UV light, a basking light holder (the lamp itself has blown - was 100w) , a 23x11 28w heating mat, log and water bowl. Now the questions!!

1. Firstly as both my daughters want Beardies, is this big enough to house two. If so, I know to avoid 2 males but which is best 2xF or M+F. Thye would love to breed them but Ive read so many broblem re separating etc. Also given the Beardies will be very young ones, is this tank TOO big or is there anything we need to consider for layout etc.

2. What is the best size bulb to get in atnak this size and does it have to be a special bulb. I got a box full of 60&80w halogen spotlight bulbs already.

3. What is the heat mat for. Ive read that heat mats are a no-no as they can cause problems. Others mention fixing heat mat to walls, other mention "back-up". Do i need a thermostat to use the heat mat?

4. The previous owner gave us two unused bags of play sand which he said he used to use. Is this the best for very young Beardies or is it best to use paper etc and use sand later on.

5. Any other "must get" pieces of equipment. This set-up is basically gone be maintained by a 16 and 11 year old so nothing complicated but if theres anythign we really must get then fine (plus I dont wanna be caught out with the kids sneaking anything in that really they just wanna play with)

Well, I dont wish to bore people too much at this time. The dragons will be arriving at the end of the school holiday (so baby-sitting doesnt become a problem) so we have a few weeks to sort the stuff out.

Thanks in advance

Hey Mike - welcome to the forum.

With a 4ft viv you will have no problem housing 2 young beardies but you may want to upgrade when they get to sub adult age - I would only keep Females together as the beardies can breed un-expectedly at quite a young age and if they are too yong it could cause alot of problems.

I use a 75w infrared bulb in my vivariums ( i think they are 75w) and they are fine. Heat mats - you dont need them, but they can be used to give the beardies a cooler temp at night and yes you would need a thermostat for them.

Beardies are arboreous which means they like to climb aswell as being on the ground, so some branches in the vivarium is a good idea, they will also use them to get closer to the UV light.

With regards to substrate - its best to keep them off sand at a young age ( some people will say altogether) but I have got my adults on childrens play sand. But you have to accept there are risks of impaction.

If you have any other questions dont be afraid to ask
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