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Default New member, have'nt got a clue !

Hi everyone, I have joined the forum but it is my 10 year old son who is soon to be a reptile owner.

He would like a Bearded Dragon and we have looked into a few things and read a few reviews but I want to make sure that we have everything covered before taking the next step.

As he is paying for most of the setup himself he cannot afford top of the range everything but after looking at classifieds etc it seems that a top setup can be had for under half the new price if you hit on at the right time.

To start off he wants the vivarium in his room so we cannot get anything too big to start with so I was thinking of a 24" setup.

I have read not to use a normal light or a heat pad for Bearded Dragons and her who must be obeyed insists that the tank is not an eyesore.

We have seen some nice looking 'out the box' setups that are visually attractive but are thye simply that, they look good but are about as much use as a sponge leg in a flood !

So, what we want is a nice looking habitat in as new condition with the correct lights, thermostats, heat lamps etc preferably in the North East or Northumberland area.

I have also read that a tiled floor is easier to keep clean rather than sand, bark etc, what advice do you all have regarding this subject.

Also he would like to find a very brightly coloured Dragon rather than the normal dark coloured type, will this be the Red variety that he wants and will they be available in this area. I have noticed buying privately they can be bought from around 15 upwards while in the shops they are around 50 upwards !

What age is he better off going for, very young (7/8 weeks), a few months or what ?

My nearest shop is near Newcastle I think but is there better places ?

If anyone local has a very good setup that looks nice and is a good price for a child to buy himself then let me know, as I mentioned we are not 'allowed' any ugly, old looking setups so want something nice.

Any advice, breeders nearby etc is greatly appreciated.
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