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Default Baby Leo Gecko advice

Just over a month ago we had two leopard gecko hatchlings Uno and Bumble, and discovered they both had MBD. After contacting a vet and doing everything that we were supposed to do they both died a few weeks ago probably from the MBD.

We have now got one baby hatchling that was born on the 18th of July and its probably the last one that will come of the adults as we have separated them. We're obviously apprehensive about making any mistakes and want to do the best for the hatchling and if possible, I would like some advice.

We have a UV light for the baby in the viv so hopefully this will help him grow his bones. We tried it with a meal worm dusted with calcium today as it is about a week old so it may be ready to eat but it wasnt interested.

What I'm not sure of is if we are supposed to be giving him some other supplements apart from the powdered calcium? I've heard of Neutrabal (?) and if there is anything else we need?

We so want to keep this baby healthy so any advice is greatly appreciated.
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