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Default advice needed

hi all, i new to rfuk, n relatively new to keeping my 2 bearded dragons
i was given the male about 8 mnth ago, owner had lost interest i think
i then went on to buy a female "buddy" to keep him company , i thought it better to live in pairs than seperate
anyway to cut a long story short my femal has had 2 lots of eggs in as little as 6-8wk, the 2nd lot only just over a wk ago and seems to be pregnant yet again
i dnt incubate the eggs as this isnt what i bought them for, but hav ben told that a female will die from the male keep hounding her, and a male and female are not advised to be kept together
is this true and will i eventualy lose the female?
it seems im still building her back up from the last lot eggs and she goes n lays another lot,
any advice welcome, thanks mandy
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