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^^^^ very well put in a short and sweet effect you need the biggest viv you can possibly fit/ afford make sure you have lots of time and money ready reps arnt easy pets to keep.uvb is also needed.
also i would deffenatly recomend using a heat lamp on a habistat (thermostat is essential what ever is used as not to over heat) as a heat lamp can heat the entire viv and provide an excellent basking spots.
as noted food you want crickets locuts preferably roaches but i dont know of any local shops, mine are around 10 weeks and going through 2-3 tubs a week.
if your going to get a beardy you have deffinatly chosen a great pet seeing as your son is young there alot harder wearing than other lizards and are great to handle i wish you the best of luck and also never forget to dust your live foods regulary so your dragons dont delvelop MBD theres a usfull thread in this section about it
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